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One of the best ways to go green is to EAT green, and one of the greenest foods is the soybean.

“Soybeans are healthy for us, an efficient and environmentally friendly way to grow high-quality protein for the world, and they even build healthy soil,” says Dr. Keith Ayoob, registered dietitian.  “Eating more soybeans might just be one of the greenest things you can do for the planet.”
Ayoob shares three ways to “go green with soy”:
1.  Soybeans have the highest quality protein of any plant and are high-yield, which means more people can be fed well.  Eating soy means the world will be getting a protein food source that is low in saturated fat and delivers some omega-3 fats, along with super high-quality protein.  Plus, soy protein comes with fiber and lots of phytonutrients, those wonderful plant compounds that help fight disease.  Even better, soybeans are a high-yield plant that delivers lots of food per acre of land.

2.  Growing beans like soy actually improves the soil.  Most crops gradually deplete the soil of valuable nutrients like nitrogen.  But soybeans are “nitrogen fixers”, meaning that they take nitrogen from the air and “fix” it into the soil.  When the soybeans are harvested, the soil can actually be richer in nitrogen than before the soybeans were planted.

3.  Eating soy helps reduce your carbon footprint.  That’s because farmers are using sustainable practices that allow them to use less fossil fuel, less pesticides/herbicides, and less water to grow their soybeans, yet increase their yields per acre.

“Everyone wins here – the farmer, the consumer, and the environment,” concludes Ayoob.
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