Chocolate Flavour

หอม มัน เต็มรสช็อกโกแลต

Original Classic

หอม มัน อร่อย มีกรดอะมิโนจำเป็น

Hi - Calcium

หวานน้อย อร่อย เเคลเซียมสูง

Un Sweetened

ไม่เติมน้ำตาล อร่อย เเบบไม่หวาน

Light Collagen Flavour

อุดมด้วย Vitamin E 3 ชนิด

Green Tea Flavour

หอม...มัจฉะ เเท้ๆจากญี่ปุ่น

Black Sesame Flavour

หอม...งาดำ ได้คุณค่าจากวิตามิน

Lactasoy Unsweetened

Lactasoy UHT Soymilk Unsweetened, best selected of excellent high quality soybean from Canada. Through precision production process with high technology to get the delicious soymilk with natural sweet.

Lactasoy Hi-Calcium

 Lactasoy UHT Soymilk Hi-Calcium contains high level of Calcium and Vitamins together with various healthy minerals from 100% natural soybean but less sugar and Lactose-free. A daily intake of 600 milligrams can provide all the calcium you need.

Lactasoy Green Tea

The new way to think about flavoured soymilk. Delight your taste with a touch of authentic green tea powder and Lactasoy natural soymilk. This luxurious flavour along with the health benefits of green tea is another choice of healthy drink for refreshing your day!

Lactasoy Chocolate

The new way to enjoy the taste of chocolate! Chocolate’s real flavour from world-class cocoa powder mixed with our Lactasoy healthy soymilk. It definitely matched made for everyone especially for the chocolate lovers.

Lactasoy Black Sesame

Lactasoy has chosen to blend wholesome black sesame in our quality soymilk. Lactasoy plus Black Sesame is rich in flavour and offers the highest-quality nutrition by containing absolute health essential nutrients (high in Calcium, 13 Vitamins and minerals). This is simply access to a healthy life.

Lactasoy Light Collagen

Our natural soymilk with collagen from deep sea fish containing a low in sugar and fat content perfectly matches to the “Beauty Concept”. It is an alternative nutritious drink for nourishing your healthy skin and for calorie-conscious group.

Lactasoy Original

Great selection with our Original Classic taste!
The perfect combination of natural protein from soybean and whole milk powder provides the highest nutrition with the finest taste. With the excellent quality of our original classic soymilk, it remains all-time Thai people favorite and the best seller over 30 years.

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