Extra Choco

Smooth and Rich

Lactasoy Gold Series Extra Choco

Soymilk blended with chocolate that is soft, smooth and rich Premium quality and selected chocolate  from the Netherlands with quality soy milk produced from natural soy beans Perfect Lactasoy Gold Series


Soymilk 86.36%, Sugar 6.8%,
Whole Milk Powder 4.2%, Cocoa Powder 1.7%,
Vegetable Fat 0.8%, Salt, Stabilizer

  • Chocolate makes you look younger because it is rich with antioxidant. It also fights with the damage on your skin from pollution and stress
  • Chocolate contains magnesium so it is good for your heart and reduces the blood pressure, also fights the symptoms before the menstruation period of a woman
  • Chocolate helps to reduce stress without exercising. Triptophan inside your body can transform to Serotonin and also consist of amino acid
  • Chocolate helps your skin to look beautiful and healthy. According to research from the University of Pennsylvania in the United States, it was proven that Chocolate doesn’t have any effect on acnes
  • Chocolate helps an individual to be active, alert and refreshing because it is rich in energy and caffeine

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