Lactasoy Gold Series Hi-Calcium Ginseng

High-calcium soy milk helps to strengthen the bones. Contains Vitamin B12 to help with the function of brain and nervous system.

Selected quality soybean with the finest ginseng brought together to develop a special formula by the experts, result to the best soymilk High Calcium with Ginseng extract which has a rich flavor, aromatic, delicious and full of nutrients. It is a ready to drink for daily activities.


Soymilk 92.79%, Sugar 3.75%,
Fiber (Inulin) 1.8%, Rice bran oil 1.0%,
Vitamins and minerals 0.35%,
Ginseng extract (contains 10% Ginzenoside) 0.2%,
Salt, Stabilizer, Natural Identical Flavor

  • Contains 9 amino acids that is essential for your body but your body cannot generate by itself
  • They have unsaturated fatty acid in the soybean which actually helps to reduce cholesterol
  • The dietary fiber from the soybean helps to reduce sugar level in the blood especially diabetic person
  • Helps with the function of the brain and nervous system
  • Helps to prevent osteoporosis and stimulates the growth of the bones. Also helps to reduce the severity of bone caries
  • Helps to prevent anemia because soybeans are high in iron
  • Helps to balance the women hormones. Also helps to reduce discomfort hot flashes during the menopausal period of women
  • Drinking warm soy milk before bed will help you get a better sleep

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