Lactasoy Green Tea

The new way to think about flavoured soymilk. Delight your taste with a touch of authentic green tea powder and Lactasoy natural soymilk. This luxurious flavour along with the health benefits of green tea is another choice of healthy drink for refreshing your day!

Ingredient :

Soy milk 90.4%, Sugar 7.5%
Vegetable oil 1.6%, Greentea 0.5%

Nutrients and Health Benefits
  • Green tea can reduces blood level triglycerides and promotes weight loss.
  • In the vascular system, ECGC stimulates NO production with resulting vasodilation and microvascular recruitment, and inhibits vasoconstriction.
  • Green tea is an excellent source of powerful antioxidants, so it could reduce your risk of cancer.
  • An amino acid found naturally in green tea, theanine is said to promote relaxation and treat a number of mental health problems. For instance, many people take theanine supplements to alleviate anxiety, fight depression, and reduce stress.
  • Green tea’s effect on the central nervous system that makes you feel – alert, relaxed and energetic.
  • Drinking green tea can reduce inflammation, which is directly correlated to the clear skin process.
Nutrition fact.

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