Collagen Fiber

mix inulin

Lactasoy Gold Series Collagen Fiber

Soymilk mixed with collagen and dietary fiber, with more than 1,000 mg of collagen
Dietary Fiber (Inulin) helps the excretory system, high in vitamin A & E and also protects the cells from oxidants. With unique aroma, easy to drink suitable for those who want to take care of their skin to be radiant and healthy.


Soymilk 91.41%, Sugar 3.75%,
Fiber (Inulin) 3.0%, Rice Bran Oil 1.0%,
Collagen 0.7, Vitamins 0.03%,
Salt, Stabilizer, Nature Identical Flavor

  • Collagen helps to reduce wrinkles, makes the skin become firmer and younger. It also repairs and stimulates the regeneration of the skin cells
  • Collagen is a protein which is a component of ligaments, tissues and bones that are responsible for securing various parts of the body
  • Helps to maintain a healthy hair and makes the skin become firmer and smooth
  • Strengthens the nails, hair and teeth because Collagen is an important component
  • Collagen connects and brings the cell tissue together into the bone joints and tendon
  • Helps to stimulate blood circulation especially small vessels and inhibit the melanin production that makes the skin whiter and clearer. It also prevents melasma, dark spots and freckles

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