matcha greentea

Lactasoy Gold Series Matcha Green Tea

Soymilk mixed with the finest Matcha Green Tea  From the tea plantation carefully attended by the experienced Tea Master, grown and selected from a dedicated procedure at every single step of the way

Selected only the best leaves, ground into a Matcha powder and blended with best quality soymilk.  Gives a smooth, aromatic scented Matcha Green Tea

Helps with Antioxidant Process Provides fresh energy, deliciousness, tastiness and premium especially made for you …


Soymilk 91.097%, Sugar 6.5%,
Vegetable Fat 1.5% Matcha Green Tea Powder 0.8%,
Vitamin E 0.003%, Salt, Stabilizer

  • Green tea helps to reduce the Triglyceride type of the blood fat with the stimulation of the fat oxidation process.  It reduces fat in the blood and helps to lose weight
  • It reduces the chance of arteriosclerosis because the important substance of green tea which is EGCG helps to reduce the accumulation of the plaque in the blood vessels from the cholesterol
  • Antioxidants (Anti-oxidant) which in green tea has the effect of inhibiting and reducing the occurrence of many types of cancer in both humans and animals
  • Green tea helps to reduce stress because it contains Tryptophan amino acid which can transform into Serotonin in the body and help reduce stress
  • Stimulates the central nervous system to help relieve drowsiness and make the body feel fresh
  • Helps to reduce acne and get a glowing and healthy skin

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